Football Club Website Design for Grassroots Connected

Football Club Website Design for Grassroots Connected

In my spare time I design websites from scratch using the WordPress CMS, no templates. For my Grassroots Connected project I re-designed the standard template used by the vast majority of grassroots and non-league football clubs using the Grassroots Connected club website platform.

With the new design I made life easier for football club webmasters with pre-defined page templates, team pages with enhanced safeguarding features and a slicker responsive website design that is mobile friendly.

Earlier in the year I rebranded Team Websites to Grassroots Connected, a stronger unified online presence with a new pricing model to make it financially viable to cover web server hosting costs. When mapping out the new website design and planning, I consulted a small focus group of existing clubs that use our platform to seek improvements and feature ideas, putting them on a Trello board.

This project involves writing and digging deep into the HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript web programming code of my custom-made WordPress themes; digital marketing to promote the product offering; and occasional customer service query that is complemented by a self-service frequently asked questions helpdesk.

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