“Marketing is easy,” right?

“Marketing is easy. You chuck together some photos, design a couple of graphics and put together some wording for social media.”

– said an interviewer during a job interview last year 😅

Obviously forgetting the hours of research we do to:

  1. get inspiration, ideas and learning;
  2. extra research into current marketing trends;
  3. keep abreast about evolving media platforms;
  4. putting together a strategy to think logically through the purpose of projects;
  5. think about the relevance to our target audience and the business, the content we plan to publish, and finally the execution!

Followed by post-project reviews, analysis and mapping trends in audience engagement or bookings:sales completion, complex multi line management approval, presenting ideas to management, the context and current climate facing the business and/or industry.

And how about the publishing platforms or endless methods to choose from:

  • Print marketing collateral- E.g. brochures, leaflets, magazines, newspapers
  • Social media – organic and paid
  • Website and landing pages
  • PPC ads
  • Email and SMS
  • Telemarketing
  • Billboards and digital media
  • Forums and groups
  • PR and press engagement
  • Field and industry networking etc.

Not so long ago, I worked for a large complex organisation. Within my first 2 weeks, I hit the ground running and had to develop policies on topics ranging from social media account management and GDPR through to safeguarding. I delivered workshops for staff on these complex topics, using my own research and e-learning to shape a new direction for the organisation’s digital media. Not forgetting having to juggle the many hats in a marketing role that spanned across the marketing mix of external events marketing, digital, print media, graphic design, seminars, charity / community initiatives, PR campaigns and customer engagement.

The climate of the specific industry at the time made the job increasingly complex. You had to adapt and embrace every obstacle, producing practical and creative solutions, but also be able to justify those decisions. You were faced with business issues such as potential PR disasters through to staff restructuring and redundancies, but there were many good times and we not just survived but exceeded expectations.

Then you have the differentiation of marketing and advertising to a B2C audience (consumer) Vs B2B marketing / selling (who can be corporates, suppliers or service businesses). The complexities of multiple decision makers, business units and their own internal policies and processes knows no bounds. From copywriting, social media ads and managing client expectations through to designing graphics, briefing a design team or filling in a staffing gap, the role of marketers requires us to adapt, embrace challenges and dare to reasonably push boundaries or enact change.

We think, we learn, we deliver, then we review and learn again.

Marketing is easy though, right?

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